PMMA or CAHA? What’s the better and secure choice?

CAHA 70% provides an injectable implant, similar to, but without the cost of Radiesse. Instalift PRO CAHA 70% contains calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres which are held in a suspension of sodium carboxymethylcellulose gel. Instalift PRO CAHA contains 70% calcium and 30% gel carrier by volume.



Calcium hydroxylapatite, is an effective dermal filler, that can be used to fill moderate to severe wrinkles and fine lines. It is highly versatile and can also be used to create a fuller appearance of facial features. Since calcium hydroxylapatite is a natural substance that is found in human bone, once injected it can act as a base upon which collagen can grow. This promotes increased skin fullness and plumpness, reducing hollowed and ageing appearance of older skin.


Instalift PRO CAHA 70 offers a number of benefits. It does not travel from injection site and is extremely efficient at diminishing the appearance of both fine lines and deeper wrinkles. With no recovery time needed Instalift PRO CAHA offers an immediate solution for the effects of ageing on the skin.

Calcium hydroxylapatite stimulates the body to produce new collagen. For the patient this means that even after the initial treatment with the product has been reabsorbed, there will be ongoing benefits due to the new collagen formation.

Because of the ability to encourage the body to produce its own collagen, Instalift PRO CAHA 70 is a semi-permanent dermal filler, with results lasting between 9 months and a year. After this time the microspheres degrade naturally, to become calcium and phosphate ions which can be metabolized by normal body processes.

Instalift PRO CAHA 70 is applied via an insignificantly invasive procedure, with no skin sensitivity required. Results are immediate, long lasting, and natural, resulting in tissue that feels no different to the patient’s own.

The development of Instalift PRO CAHA 70 is a breakthrough for patients who want to experience the benefits of Radiesse, but have been put off by the Radiesse price. As Instalift PRO specialize in bringing the latest in dermal filler technology to the market it is now possible to buy Radiesse without prescription, in the form of Instalift PRO CAHA 70%.



PMMA permanent filler treatment

The PMMA permanent filler is considered to be the most commonly used procedure to treat wrinkles which are medium or deep. The PMMA permanent filler is also used to treat furrows, folds and nasolabial folds. Similarly the permanent filler can be used to treat thin lips and pitted scars.

The PMMA permanent filler works by using 20% to 30% of tiny PMMA microspheres. The PMMA microspheres have been suspended in 70% to 80% of highly purified collagen gel. Once the collagen gel is injected in the skin the gel breaks down to allow the body to produce natural collagen that subsequently fills up the space caused by the wrinkles, scars, furrows and folds. Many experts consider the PMMA filler to be 100% permanent and use it to treat medium wrinkles as well as deep wrinkles.

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The PMMA permanent filler is also often used with hyaluronic therapy which provides a permanent solution to medium as well as deep wrinkles, furrows and folds. The PMMA permanent filler used with hyaluronic therapy is more popular in comparison to the dermal filler used with collagen replacement therapy. Hence, many plastic surgeons prefer using hyaluronic therapy in comparison to collagen replacement therapy. The hyaluronic therapy provides considerable results within the first three months of the treatment and within 3 to 6 months the patient can experience the full effects of the treatment.

The PMMA permanent filler is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure however cost of the procedure depends on the qualifications as well as the expertise of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure. The effects of the PMMA permanent filler will last for at least five years without requiring any touch-up dosage in comparison to the semi-permanent dermal fillers. Hence the PMMA permanent filler provides one of the most convenient ways to reduce wrinkles, furrows and folds on the face to experience glowing and youthful skin.

Unlike the other cosmetic procedures the PMMA permanent filler does not affect the expressions of the face and rather provides a method to conveniently control the appearance of age on the facial skin. The PMMA permanent filler can be used to treat medium as well as deep wrinkles on different areas of the face such as the cheeks, chin, and lips and the areas near the eyes. The permanent filler is usually injected using a needle into the affected areas and the procedure requires about 20 min to be completed. The patient can experience satisfactory results within few hours of the procedure.

The cost of the PMMA permanent fillers is a major consideration in elective treatment or procedure. The cost of the PMMA permanent fillers usually vary according to the qualifications and expertise of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure or treatment. The cost of the procedure also depends on the types of processes used, effort and time given by the plastic surgeon for the treatment. Many a times even the geography location of the office of the plastic surgeon makes a difference to the cost of the PMMA permanent fillers treatment.

Commonly asked questions about Pmma dermal fillers

Whether you are about to go for your first dermal filler treatment or you are a veteran of the process there are always questions that patients don’t ask. Either they are too embarrassed; think that they should know the answer, or simply forget to ask.

Here are some common and less common questions about dermal fillers asked by patients


What is the ideal age to start getting dermal filler treatments? Is 18 too young?

Since more celebrities and people in the public eye are getting restylane injections done it has become an increasingly common item on young women’s wish lists. When youthful celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan are rumored to have had artefill for lips and even their feet it is not surprising that girls as young as 18 are starting to say they want to buy restylane skin care.

While the dermal filler treatment process is commonly considered to be safe for individuals aged between 18 and 65, artefill reviews show there is often little to gain for an 18 year old. The age range that benefits most from these treatments is 25 years or older. So it’s best to hang on for a few years if you really want to see the benefits that buy restylane skin care can offer.

What should I look for? What does a good result look like?

This very much depends on what kind of treatment you have received. The ideal outcome for lip treatments like artefill for lips is a natural lip appearance where lip lines have been reduced and the lip border is well defined. There should not be excessive frontal projection of the mouth or lips, meaning that they should not be turned outwards. This is the fake ‘pout’ that the majority wants to avoid when seeking treatment.

Should I ask my doctor before getting dermal filler injection?

The majority of dermal filler treatments are safe and have few or no side effects. However if you have recently had an infection of any kind it is always best to check with a doctor before you go for treatment. Dermal filler treatment like restylane injections is also not recommended for those who suffer with any of the following:

  • If you are or might be pregnant or if you are nursing
  • If you have used Accutane use within the last 6 months
  • If you have any condition that could result in impaired immune system
  • If you have skin conditions in the area that is to be treated, for example psoriasis or eczema.
  • If you have had a severe anaphylactic reaction in the past or if you suffer with multiple severe allergies
  • If you experience a condition like body dysmorphic disorder then you may have unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved with dermal fillers and treatment may aggravate your mental health.


What should I do after treatment?

There are a number of things that you can do to speed the healing process and to encourage swelling and bruising to dissipate speedily, allowing you to more swiftly appreciate the results of your restylane injections or other dermal filler treatment.

If you have followed your doctor’s advice and not taken any aspirin or other product containing acetylsalicylic add, vitamin E, or other herbs and supplements that have anticoagulation properties for 2 weeks prior to the treatment then your bruising and swelling will be able to heal more efficiently.

For the next few days following your treatment avoid extremes of temperature – this is not the time to go skiing or to book a course of sun bed sessions!

If possible try to sleep with your head elevated as this can also encourage the healing process.


PMMA is a versatile cosmetic dermal filler gel that can be used to treat a wide array of imperfections caused by injury, scars, age, or birth abnormality

PMMA has a history of successful treatment for facial reshaping, reformation of nasal infrastructure, acne scar correction, and to augment or add contour to various muscle regions of the body (Bioplasty.) PMMA therapy is generally very well tolerated, with low risk of complication for patients. 

Key Features:

  • Not derived from animals
  • Safe
  • Long-lasting results
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use
  • Natural Appearance
  • No prescription required
  • Non-allergenic
  • Five years medical use history

Detailed Description:

Dermal filler treatments are now the world’s number one most requested outpatient cosmetic augmentation procedure.

Are you providing the best product for your clientele? PMMA is an especially valued dermal filler because of its permanent results, non-allergenic properties, and history of safety.

In addition to aesthetic uses, PMMA resin has been used by orthopaedic surgeons as a bone cement for joint replacement.

How is PMMA different from other fillers?

Temporary injectable dermal fillers made of natural or synthetic materials do not hold up well over time. They break down easily and are eventually absorbed by the body. This results in a system of repetitive procedures to maintain results. These repeating visits are often complained about by customers.

PMMA is different. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is not absorbed by the body. Instead, PMMA works with the skin to encourage collagen production which provides natural support for long lasting results that do not require customers to return.

PMMA Best Uses

The diverse functionality of PMMA allows it to be used in a broad range of aesthetic enhancements including treatment or correction of the following:

  • Bioplasty reshaping of large areas (see more below)
  • Topical scarring from acne
  • Sagging in the jaw line
  • Weak or small chin
  • Deformities of the nasal passages
  • Nasolabial folds – deep creases from smiling
  • Marionette lines – creases at the corners of the mouth
  • Glabellar folds – deep wrinkle between the eyebrows
  • Sagging of the cheeks
  • Improved profile of the zygomatic arch
  • Perioral fine lines – vertical line above and below the lips
  • Improved lip volume and border

With the Bioplasty procedure, PMMA may be used throughout the body for goals such as:

  • Adding contour to the gluteal region
  • Reshaping the thighs, legs and ankles
  • Refining and sculpting the shoulder and pectoral areas of the upper body

Note: Due to the permanent nature of PMMA, it is recommended for professional use only.

Ingredients & Properties:

PMMA is a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) composed of non-animal material. The PMMA microspheres are combined with cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA). This solution is then suspended in a chemical colloid (carboxymethylcellulose). The resulting blend is completely sterile and advantageous in several ways:

  • Results are permanent, no need for touch-ups and recurring office visits.
  • The nature of the suspension results in a filler that stays where it is placed.
  • It is non-allergenic, since the suspension is not animal-derived.
  • 9 out of 10 patients reported less pain when treatments were performed using fillers which contain Lidocaine.

In the long-term, PMMA encourages your skin’s natural collagen production, further promoting the permanent results of the procedure.

How to Use:

PMMA treatments require minimal preparation and offer clients a low risk of complications. As with any biomedical cosmetic procedure, there are important considerations to bear in mind when using this, or any other injectable filler. Please read all instructions carefully before application.

Start by washing and thoroughly drying the application area. Sterilize the area with an antibacterial solution.

Inject PMMA deep into the skin at the subcutaneous plane. This product is not meant to be placed subdermally or superficially. Incorrect placement may provide inadequate or poor results.

Depending on the area treated, the skin may be lightly massaged following injection.

Following injection, the application site may be red and/or swollen. This should disappears within a seven days.


  • Included in the kit: 1.5cc BD syringes, needles, brochures.
  • Expiration Date: Two years from opening
  • Length of Results: Permanent
  • Shipping: Worldwide including USA, Europe, Australia…
  • Shipping Cost: FREE
  • Delivery Time: 24-7hrs for USA, Europe, Canada, and UK. Six business days all other countries.
  • Shipping Options: Fedex, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail, Canadian Post, Australian Post