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2ml HA Confort 40mg/ml plus 2% Lidocaine (BD syringe refill)

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Quick Overview:

Buy 2ml and take 3ml
Our top selling injectable filler, Juveni HA 40mg/ml is a perfect example of this dedication to excellence. Juveni HA was developed by our leading scientific experts to address the plethora of concerns that have been expressed regarding dermal fillers. In addition to subtle results with our trademark “High Definition” finish, we delivered what professionals and their clients were seeking.



• Juveni’s All-Time Bestselling HA Formula!
• Concentrated Suspension Diminishes Even the Deepest Lines
• Outstanding 6-8 Month Wrinkle Correction!
• Pre-Mixed and Ready-to-Use for Professional Ease of Use
• Non-Animal Derived HA Formula Requires No Pre-Testing
• Generous 2cc Syringe is Ideal for Most Facial Treatment Sessions
• Shipping Discounts and Special Pricing for Bulk Orders!
• Single and 5x Multi-Pack Quantities Available!

Juveni HA 40mg/ml + Lindocaine 2% takes a multidimensional approach to the “perfect filler” dilemma faced by practitioners and clients.  There are no shortcuts to perfection, yet we believe that the best product is attained by keeping the patient and the professional at the forefront of product development.  This philosophy shows in our approach to the development of Juveni HA Confort:  You spoke, and we listened.  After critical research by our laboratories, Juveni HA offers a solution that is internationally acclaimed for its effectiveness and consistently beautiful results.

Indications and Uses
Juveni HA Confort is a highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel.  A smooth, non-particulate formula allows it to be used for mild to moderate dermal folds.  Juveni HA Confort been indicated for the following:

Preliminary signs of aging; fine lines, droopiness, developing folds

So-called smile lines, or lines which frame the mouth and extend upward

Marionette lines, or those beneath the corners of the mouth

Sunken eyes and under-eye hollows

Lip correction and/or enhancement of the perioral region

Composition and Contents

Juveni HA Confort is a completely sterile preparation composed of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid as a smooth gel.  While some gel preparations do not seem to take comfort into account at all, Juveni HA Confort is dispersed with 2% Lidocaine for ultimate patient comfort.

1ml Pmma and 3ml Mesolift not included

 Method of Action

 Juveni HA Confort effortlessly induces the formation of collagen by supplying hyaluronic acid to cells.  Because HA production diminishes with age, hyaluronic acid injections can restore suppleness, youth and volume to the skin.  By injecting hyaluronic directly at high concentrations, we can restore the “glue” between skin’s collagen and elastin molecular structures.  From deep within the dermis, this holistic process imparts a rejuvenated and contoured texture to the skin with the help of nature’s youth serum itself.

Procedure and Method of Use

Juveni HA Confort does not contain animal proteins, and no preliminary skin test is required.  It does contain trace amounts of gram-positive bacterial proteins, and it should not be used by patients with a history of allergies to these substances.

After ensuring that the area to be treated has been thoroughly cleansed and dried, the injector should sterilize the area to be treated using an antibacterial solution.  Juveni HA Confort should be injected at the mid to deep dermis layer of the skin, depending on the practitioner’s objective for the correction.  Although we provide superior tools for achieving beautiful results, the final effect of any cosmetic procedure is ultimately in the hands of the professional.

Full instructions are included with each kit, and upon request we will provide links to additional instructional materials.

 Five Recommended Injection Techniques


  1. Juveni vs. The Rest! 

    Posted by Kitty on 22nd Nov 2011

    I had less thab 1ml of the HA Confort injected in my lips and I must say it completely rivals Juvederm. Thank you so much for your site you are a God send!

  2. Juveni in Australia 

    Posted by Lisa P. Syd, AUS on 8th Apr 2011

    I have my new gun and sample of Juveni. I have tried the juveni sample and I was So impressed. I am interested in being a representative for Juveni in Australia. I have a lot of contacts in the Health/fitness/Beauty and wellbeing sector in NSW, QLD, VIC, TAS
    and its not difficult to spread around our country using the net!I am also a part-time model/actor which opens a meriad of opportunities also as I am around people who propritise their appearance. 
    As this is the first time I have been a rep for a company as such, I would appreciate any advice on getting started asap! Im not sure what it would look like yet.....
    I f you have any further samples of any kind it will help me both as an individual to give testimony to the product and pass on to doctors/aesthetitions to try. The prices are much cheaper than the Australian apopular alternatives ie., restylane, Juverderm ( very popular here). I can demonstrate to physicians here that the quality of Juveni is on par, even better and in addition cheaper than what they currently import. 
    This is one way I could get started. Look forward to your reply, feedback and input.

  3. First treatment, seems good 

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2010

    Had 2 ml injected yesterday to my upper cheeks and nasolabial folds.

    Injections were not bad; of course it stings to have needles poked into your face, but it was definitely not painful. After one day, my face is a little sore at the injection sites, but again, not painful. I was worried about the swelling, but it is not severe and no one else would notice the slight puffiness.

    I think the overall effect of this first treatment will be noticeable more to me than others, but I think it will be worth it.


Included in the kit: 1 x 2ml syringe, needles, brochures.
Expiration: Two years
Shipping: Worldwide: USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada.
Delivery Time: Six business days internationally and to USA
Shipping Carries: DHL (Shipped from Asia)
How long does it last? 6 to 8 months.



Customer Reviews

Review by jay
my order came with in 3 days well packed very pleased with my product , i have used it already and the results are amazing iam 5o and look 40 now lol thks will order again soon . jessie

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