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3ml Pmma 3Dz Lip Enhancement Fillers 3-5 Years

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Juveni PMMA is an extremely versatile injectable gel which can be used to treat a wide array of cosmetic irregularities, deficiencies and defects. PMMA has been successfully indicated for the following: (possible links to “before and after” imbedded in each of the following). Juveni 3Dz syringes with 70% Pmma and 30% of cross-linked hyaluronic acid 40mgml.



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3Dz syringes with 70% Pmma and 30% of cross-linked hyaluronic acid 40mg/ml.

Lip enhancement is the anaesthetizing process which consists of injecting a substance in the lip area to give them a desired look or volume.

The natural process of aging makes the lips thinner and the shape is disrupted too. The problem is commonly occurred with the upper lip area of v-shape. The general attempts of hiding these using make-ups are not enough satisfying in results hence the common solution for this is to receive lip enhancement injection.

Lip enhancement process is usually chosen by women of all age groups as it is a necessary requirement for the facial beauty and is a important turn on. The injection process can be used for anyone who has thin or badly shaped lips naturally or as a result of age signs.

Lip enhancement fillers are injected by an experienced doctor or dermatologist within the clinic. The area first needs to be injected with an anaesthetic to make it numb. The entire process takes no more than 30 minutes.

Once injected the lip enhancement fillers starts showing their results in matter of hours and the effects lasts for about 2 years of duration. After which one needs to get another filler injection to maintain the lip enhancement. The injection creates no affects of skin problems. Although it may result in temporary swelling and bruises around the area but it causes no permanent problems, and provides healthy and youthful skin without risking any damages.

PMMA 3Dz Lip Enhancement Injection is a lip enhancement injection that treats the usual irregularity in lip and cures the defects. The injection consists of 70% PMMA and 30% of the cross-linked hyaluronic acid. PMMA is commonly used for treatment of facial problems related to skin and ageing signs.

The PMMA injection is a result of latest researches in biotechnology and science and the product consists of everything that is demanded by skin doctors and the patients.  The filler injection removes the drawbacks of other type of fillers by using 2% lidocaine which reduces the usual problem the filler injections may cause. The dermal filler injection leaves you with 2-3 years of youthful and fresh skin feel that last for a long period, and there is no need for timely touch-ups to maintain the lips.

The PMMA 3Dz lip enhancement injection is most suitable for lip dermal fillers as it guarantees to cause less pain than other dermal fillers in most cases, and needs no allergy tests beforehand as contains no animal-derived element.



Composition and Contents

  PMMA is a completely sterile preparation composed of non-animal polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).  The PMMA spheres possess a diameter of 40/60 micra and are combined with cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA).  The solution is suspended in a chemical colloid (carboxymethylcellulose) dispersed with 2% Lidocaine.  The suspension ratios are 30 mg/ml PMMA and 40 mg/ml HA ( PMMA 3Dz).  This unique blend is beneficial in several ways:

·  Results last from 3-5 years, eliminating the need for touch-ups.

·  The specifically-formulated suspension base ensures that product remains where is has been placed.

·  There is no need for allergy testing, since the suspension is not animal-derived

·   9 out of 10 patients reported less pain when treatments were performed using fillers which contain Lidocaine.


Procedure and Method of Use

  PMMA treatments are simple, with minimal preparation and risk of complications.  Nevertheless, there are important considerations to bear in mind when using this, or any injectable filler. 

 After ensuring that the area to be treated has been washed and thoroughly dried, the injector should sterilize the area to be treated using an antibacterial solution.  The method of injection will greatly affect the result; PMMA should be injected at the subcutaneous plane.  The product is not meant to be placed subdermal and/or superficial placement may provide less than ideal results. 

 Full instructions are included with each kit, and upon request we will provide links to instructional materials.

Included in the kit: 2 x 1.5cc BD syringes, needles, brochures.
Expiration: Two years
Shipping: UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia...
Delivery Time: 24-72h in USA, Europe, Canada and UK. Six business days internationally.
Shipping Carries: Fedex, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail, Canadian Post, Australian Post
How long does it last? 3 - 5 Years



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the product is great and the deal was wonderful

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