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3ml PMMA Permanent (Compare to ArteFill®) Free Shipping

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Quick Overview:

PMMA is an extremely versatile injectable gel which can be used to treat a wide array of cosmetic irregularities, deficiencies and defects. PMMA has been successfully indicated for the following: (possible links to “before and after” imbedded in each of the following)


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Permanent dermal fillers are useful for treatment of facial beauty and removing scars, wrinkles, and old age effects from the face. The fillers may also be used for recreation of skin. The permanent type of fillers is commonly called PMMA (Plomethyl-methacrylate).

Permanent dermal fillers add new volume and remove or recover skin cells that are dead or causing the ageing signs. This process simply removes the dead skin or the wrinkles or scars and gives you a soft and natural looking skin. To use these permanent fillers, it must be inserted in our body, which is usually done by syringe.

 When the PMMA are inserted into the body the effect of the fillers lasts for a long time which about 6 years, while the usual dermal fillers have their effect for as much as 1 year or 3 years, and after that one has to get another dose of the dermal filler. Use of permanent fillers is getting increasingly popular in people to get the feel of a young and soft, glowing skin. The fillers are used in treatments of facial parts like chin, cheeks, lips, wrinkles, etc; however the use does not affect the expressions or physical look of the person taking its dose.

Permanent fillers are available of a lot of types in market and online world, but choosing the fillers that is right for you is very important for anyone. The practice should be done by a professional or a doctor. For injecting the dermal fillers, the skin doctors use a 22G BD syringe. The filler is injected in the area near to the desired skin where the treatment is required. The whole process takes about 20-30 minutes to complete and the results of the process can be seen in a few hours. The injected filler will increase the softness and flexibility of skin, and removes or revitalize the dead skin cells from the particular skin area. The insertion of dermal fillers may cause some temporary side-effects such as redness, itching, and pain in the particular skin area.

The permanent dermal fillers are available for every person in order to gain facial beauty, increasing lip volume, and remove wrinkles and other skin ageing signs. The insertion process of permanent fillers must be done by a dermatologist as injecting it at wrong skin area may cause some serious skin and health problems. The use of Permanent dermal fillers is safe and it causes no permanent complication or side effects, and is medically tested by dermatologists and patients



Procedure and Method of Use

  PMMA treatments are simple, with minimal preparation and risk of complications. 

 After ensuring that the area to be treated has been washed and thoroughly dried, the injector should sterilize the area to be treated using an antibacterial solution.  The method of injection will greatly affect the result; PMMA should be injected at the subcutaneous plane.  The product is not meant to be placed subdermal and/or superficial placement may provide less than ideal results. 

Indications and Uses PMMA is an extremely versatile injectable gel which can be used to treat a wide array of cosmetic irregularities, deficiencies and defects. PMMA has been successfully indicated for the following: 

· Bioplasty and the reshaping of large areas
· Nasolabial folds
· Marionette lines
· Brow/glabellar folds
· Sagging and/or hollowness in the cheeks
· Enhancement of the zygomatic arch
· Facial wasting
· Perioral fine lines and diminishing lip volume
· Jowling and/or sagging in the jaw line
· A weak chin
· Deformities of the nasal infrastructure
· Atrophic acne scarring PMMA may also be employed in procedures throughout the body using Bioplasty.

· Add contour to the gluteal region
· Reshape the thighs, legs and ankles
· Refine and sculpt the shoulder and pectoral areas of the upper body

Note: Due to the permanent nature of PMMA, it is recommended for professional use only.

Composition and Contents PMMA is a completely sterile preparation composed of non-animal polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). The PMMA spheres possess a diameter of 40/60 micra and are combined with cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) fro PMMA 3dz. The solution is suspended in a chemical colloid (carboxymethylcellulose) . The suspension ratios are 30 mg/ml PMMA and 40 mg/ml HA (PMMA 3Dz). This unique blend is beneficial in several ways:

· Permanent results eliminating the need for touch-ups.
· The specifically-formulated suspension base ensures that product remains where is has been placed.
· There is no need for allergy testing, since the suspension is not animal-derived

 Full instructions are included with each kit, and upon request we will provide links to instructional materials.

Customer Reviews

Review by Olivia24
i have used some and had swelling however, once it went done it really improved my nasolabial folds. I haven't used it all yet. Still, I have inked in what I want next from you . A terrific product. Thank you!!
Review by sasha

I ordered PMMA perm filler and all is great but the needles are big for me as compared to other suppliers for similar artefill filler maybe because the texture is thicker. I would have preferred smaller needle as I use it for face lines. Apart from that all is great. Thank you Juveni!
Review by Lina
I'm 52, and used PMMA first time after spending $3.5K with the other doctor. Result was good but I need much more. So, I have it from yoy and got several correction. Product is absolutely good for me and I eill use it in future. Thanks a lot
Review by Lori
Just reordered and this stuff is great...have not had any lines in nasolabial folds for years thanks to this stuff. Also likes the botox they use to have but do not know if they still carry it.
Review by Roy
I've only partially used it and plan on trying the rest
pretty soon. It appears to be having a lasting effect
on elevating the sub-dermal skin tissues and in the formation
of new collagen. There was some swelling
for a few days but no allergic reactions.I feel that it is safe and will
be ordering again to treat other areas in the future.
Good product, but be careful where and how to use it.
P.S. I did extensive research before trying the product.
There are video demonstrations on the internet by qualified
doctors that should be watched by everyone before attempting this prodedure.
Review by quoc
It's really amazing for the price and result ,now I could smile,no wrinkle at the corner of my mouth
Review by the best ting ever
i have corrected deep folds either side of my mouth, and plumped up my cheek bones,
i have given myself the effect of a facelift, it looks so natural, and leaves a soft finish, no hard lumps at all.
i love what i see in the mirror now.
amaing price as well, thank you. and amaing fast delivery to the uk, 1 day.
Review by Lucy
I love it,I love it, I used it for the first time in 2009 to correct my nasolabial folds,plumped up my cheek bones and I still look like I just did the fillings. Awesome product
Review by Unknown
I've tried this item and it does just as well as the filler I received at the Plastic Surgeion's Office except the price is so much cheaper. Used my last a month ago, I will be reordering. Thanks - Awsome product
Review by Debra
Review by Anonymous
This filler has worked really well for me. I'm 23 but was already developing lines around my nasolabial folds. They're gone and I didn't even have to use much of the product. So far no touch-up's necessary. No longer afraid to smile!
Review by COLLEEN
This filler has worked really well for me. I'm 23 but was already developing lines around my nasolabial folds. They're gone and I didn't even have to use much of the product. So far no touch-up's necessary. No longer afraid to smile!

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