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Hyaluronic Acid

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Unexpected uses for dermal fillers. 

The majority of people are familiar with the common applications of dermal fillers like artefill for lips and restylane injections. They can be used to great effect to treat fine lines around the face and to restore lost fullness as the skin loses collagen over time. But how about other uses? Here are some unexpected treatments that dermal filler products are regularly used for.

 Scar Removal

While many people consider laser treatment as an option for scar removal it can be possible to correct some types of scars using perlane sales. Soft tissue filler has been used successfully to treat scars that form a depression in the skin. A common scar type that responds to well to treatment of dermal filler is acne scars. Following injection with dermal filler the pitted area of the scar is filled in and the surface appears smoother.

 Earlobe lift

Generally when people think of the signs of aging they immediately think of factors like fine lines and drooping jowls. Something unexpected that can give your age away is your earlobes. As you age your earlobes lose volume in the same way that other soft areas of skin become looser. This can give an aging appearance and is especially noticeable if you have had corrective treatments in other areas, highlighting the sagging in the earlobe area. An earlobe lift using buy restylane without prescription can last up to 12 months before a repeat visit is required.    

Earlobes are also being treated with dermal filler to repair damage caused by heavy earrings. Some of these treatments are carried out via restylane injections only, others, for example torn earlobes are treated with a combination of surgery and dermal filler to achieve a flawless result

Neck lines

Another area that can give away your age is your neck. As we age many of us will notice horizontal lines appearing on our necks as the skin becomes looser and less plump. One option to address these lines is to have them treated by choosing to buy restylane without prescription. This has the effect of smoothing out the lines and providing the patient with an overall more youthful appearance.

 This technique is not for amateurs however, as restylane injections into the neck can affect breathing and swallowing if carried out incorrectly.

 Fillers in the feet

 While high heels might look more glamorous than sensible shoes, wearing them regularly can cause aching and sore feet.

As an alternative to giving up their favourite shoes some women are instead opting to have dermal fillers like restylane injections, injected into their feet to provide some extra cushioning for added support while wearing super high heels. This type of treatment is becoming increasingly common in fashion conscious urban environments where people are more willing to sacrifice comfort for looks.

This is still a very experimental process – none of the fillers currently on the market are licensed for this as a use and there have been stories of people ending up on crutches so it might be best to proceed with caution and to stick with taking a day or so a week off from your skyscraper heels.

 Hands full

Our hands can be a giveaway regarding out true age. While many people focus on their facial skincare routine hands are put through extremes of temperature, repeatedly subject to cold and wet and are often not moisturised often. As a result they can begin to look tired and sagging even before facial lines and wrinkles appear.

Treating hands to make them look younger involves a combination of removing age spots and using a dermal filler such as juveni vs restylane cost to restore tightness and firmness. Effective dermal filler use can reduce the visibility of tendons and veins with the overall effect being one of hands that look free of wrinkles and younger in appearance. 


Commonly asked questions about dermal fillers


Whether you are about to go for your first dermal filler treatment or you are a veteran of the process there are always questions that patients don’t ask. Either they are too embarrassed; think that they should know the answer, or simply forget to ask.


Here are some common and less common questions about dermal fillers asked by patients

What is the ideal age to start getting dermal filler treatments? Is 18 too young?

Since more celebrities and people in the public eye are getting restylane injections done it has become an increasingly common item on young women’s wish lists. When youthful celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lindsey Lohan are rumored to have had artefill for lips and even their feet it is not surprising that girls as young as 18 are starting to say they want to buy restylane skin care. 

While the dermal filler treatment process is commonly considered to be safe for individuals aged between 18 and 65, artefill reviews show there is often little to gain for an 18 year old. The age range that benefits most from these treatments is 25 years or older. So it’s best to hang on for a few years if you really want to see the benefits that buy restylane skin care can offer.

What should I look for? What does a good result look like? 

This very much depends on what kind of treatment you have received. The ideal outcome for lip treatments like artefill for lips is a natural lip appearance where lip lines have been reduced and the lip border is well defined. There should not be excessive frontal projection of the mouth or lips, meaning that they should not be turned outwards. This is the fake ‘pout’ that the majority wants to avoid when seeking treatment.

Should I ask my doctor before getting dermal filler injection?

The majority of dermal filler treatments is safe and have few or no side effects. However if you have recently had an infection of any kind it is always best to check with a doctor before you go for treatment. Dermal filler treatment like restylane injections is also not recommended for those who suffer with any of the following:


•   If you are or might be pregnant or if you are nursing

•   If you have used Accutane use within the last 6 months

•   If you have any condition that could result in impaired immune system

 •   If you have skin conditions in the area that is to be treated, for example psoriasis or eczema.

 •    If you have had a severe anaphylactic reaction in the past or if you suffer with multiple severe allergies

•     If you experience a condition like body dysmorphic disorder then you may have unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved with dermal fillers and treatment may aggravate your mental health.


What should I do after treatment?

There are a number of things that you can do to speed the healing process and to encourage swelling and bruising to dissipate speedily, allowing you to more swiftly appreciate the results of your restylane injections  or other dermal filler treatment.

 If you have followed your doctor’s advice and not taken any aspirin or other product containing acetylsalicylic add, vitamin E, or other herbs and supplements that have anticoagulation properties for 2 weeks prior to the treatment then your bruising and swelling will be able to heal more efficiently.

For the next few days following your treatment avoid extremes of temperature – this is not the time to go skiing or to book a course of sun bed sessions! 

If possible try to sleep with your head elevated as this can also encourage the healing process.